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2013 Ganesh Cyclone 32CS 7-Axis Turning Center



Original documentation is available.  Below is a summary of the spec's and what is included with the purchase.  The machine is in plant and under power.  Excellent condition and ready for inspections.


Main Spindle:

  • Maximum Speed                                       6,000 RPM
  • Spindle Motor                                            10-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio
  • Collet Nose                                                Traub A-32
  • Maximum Barstock Diameter                    1.25” (1.375" w/ Adaptor)
  • X-axis Travel                                              7.28”
  • Y-axis Travel                                              19.92" (true Y-axis, not compound Y)
  • Z-axis Travel                                              6.50”
  • Rapid Travel Speed                                    X, Y, Z 1,181 IPM (30m /minute)
  • OD Turning Tool Positions                          6 OD Tools (½”) (5-5/8” tool plate available)
  • ID Turning Tool Positions                            5 ID Tools
  • OD Turning Tool size                                  ½”
  • ID Turning Tool Bore Size                           25mm (.984")
  • Spindle Center Height                                40"


Sub Spindle:

  • Sub Spindle Speed                                     6,000 RPM
  • Sub Spindle Motor                                      5-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio
  • Collet Nose                                                 Brown & Sharpe #22 or Traub A-32
  • Maximum Barstock Diameter                     1.25" (.984" Pass Thru)
  • X-axis Travel                                              11.53” (293mm)
  • Z-axis Travel                                              11.61” (295mm)
  • Minimum Input Unit                                     40 millionths (0.00004”) (0.01mm)
  • ID Turning Tool Bore Size                           25mm (.984")



  • Machine Dimensions                                  101” x 70” x 80” LxWxH
  • Machine Weight                                          8500lbs
  • Machine Power                                           220V-3P-60H
  • Machine Air Requirement                           85PSI, 2CFM
  • Coolant Pump Motor                                  3/4HP, Dual for Main and Sub Spindles
  • Coolant Tank Capacity                                80-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow confirmation sensor


Control Features:

  • Ganesh Super 900T Control (Mitsubishi)
    • PC Based, 256MB, 96 Tool Offsets, 15" Color Monitor
    • Tool Life Management, Program Code Check and Alarm Help
    • Over 20 Standard Canned Cycles
    • Advanced Drilling and Tapping Synchronization
    • Cylindrical Interpolation
    • Polar Coordinate Interpolation
    • RS-232, RJ-45 Ethernet, Compact Flash Card Reader


Machine Features:

  • Parts Catcher with Parts Conveyor and Catching Basket
  • Belt Type Chip Conveyor
  • Dead Length Collet Chucks for Both Main and Sub Spindles
  • Dual Coolant Pumps with Filtration and Flow Monitors
  • Live Tooling Capabilities with up to 11 Driven Tool Stations, Gear Driven
    • Includes (11) Live Holders Using ER20 Collets
      • (4) In the Gang T11-T14
      • (4) Facing the Sub-Spindle T31-T34
      • (3) Facing the Main Spindle T26-T28
  • 27 Tool Stations, 18 for Main Spindle, 9 for the Sub Spindle, All 4000rpm Max. Speed
  • Air Blast Nozzle
  • Finished Part Ejector
  • Edge Patriot 12' Automatic Barfeed System
  • 1,000psi High Pressure Coolant System, MP Systems
  • Mist Buster Mist Filtration System
  • Fire Supression System



Priced at $79,900



All specifications and features are subject to buyer verification.  Inspections are highly encouraged.

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