Ganesh 32CS 7-Axis CNC Turning Center, 2013

Main Spindle:

Maximum Speed                                       6,000 RPM

Spindle Motor                                            10-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio

Collet Nose                                                Traub A-32

Maximum Barstock Diameter                    1.25” (1.375″ w/ Adaptor)

X-axis Travel                                              7.28”

Y-axis Travel                                              19.92″ (true Y-axis, not compound Y)

Z-axis Travel                                              6.50”

Rapid Travel Speed                                    X, Y, Z 1,181 IPM (30m /minute)

OD Turning Tool Positions                          6 OD Tools (½”) (5-5/8” tool plate available)

ID Turning Tool Positions                            5 ID Tools

OD Turning Tool size                                  ½”

ID Turning Tool Bore Size                           25mm (.984″)

Spindle Center Height                                40″

Sub Spindle:

Sub Spindle Speed                                     6,000 RPM

Sub Spindle Motor                                      5-HP 3,000 rpm spindle motor, 2:1 pulley ratio

Collet Nose                                                 Brown & Sharpe #22 or Traub A-32

Maximum Barstock Diameter                     1.25″ (.984″ Pass Thru)

X-axis Travel                                              11.53” (293mm)

Z-axis Travel                                              11.61” (295mm)

Minimum Input Unit                                     40 millionths (0.00004”) (0.01mm)

ID Turning Tool Bore Size                           25mm (.984″)


Machine Dimensions                                  101” x 70” x 80” LxWxH

Machine Weight                                          8500lbs

Machine Power                                           220V-3P-60H

Machine Air Requirement                           85PSI, 2CFM

Coolant Pump Motor                                  3/4HP, Dual for Main and Sub Spindles

Coolant Tank Capacity                                80-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow confirmation sensor

Control Features:

Ganesh Super 900T Control (Mitsubishi)

PC Based, 256MB, 96 Tool Offsets, 15″ Color Monitor

Tool Life Management, Program Code Check and Alarm Help

Over 20 Standard Canned Cycles

Advanced Drilling and Tapping Synchronization

Cylindrical Interpolation

Polar Coordinate Interpolation

RS-232, RJ-45 Ethernet, Compact Flash Card Reader

Machine Features:

Parts Catcher with Parts Conveyor and Catching Basket

Belt Type Chip Conveyor

Dead Length Collet Chucks for Both Main and Sub Spindles

Dual Coolant Pumps with Filtration and Flow Monitors

Live Tooling Capabilities with up to 11 Driven Tool Stations, Gear Driven

Includes (11) Live Holders Using ER20 Collets

     (4) In the Gang T11-T14, (4) Facing the Sub-Spindle T31-T34, (3) Facing the Main Spindle T26-T28

27 Tool Stations

     (18) for Main Spindle, (9) for the Sub Spindle, All 4000rpm Max. Speed

Air Blast Nozzle

Finished Part Ejector

Edge Patriot 12′ Automatic Barfeed System

1,000psi High Pressure Coolant System, MP Systems

Mist Buster Mist Filtration System

Fire Supression System

Approx. 9400 Run Time Hours

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