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Circular Cold Saws
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Manual Ferrous Cutting Circular Cold Saw, 5.5” x 4” Max Rectangular Capacity, 4.75” Round Capacity, 2 speed spindle motor, 26 or 52 RPM, 3 Hp low speed, 4 Hp high speed, 230 or 460 volt 3ph. Contact us for a full quotation with all available options.

Blade Dia14"
Power3 hp
Dimensions25" x 30" x 60"

Maximum Capacity Round Tube 90 Degrees, 4.75" Maximum Capacity Round Tube 45 Degrees, 4.75" Maximum Capacity Square Tube 90 Degrees, 4.75" Maximum Capacity Square Tube 45 Degrees, 4.125" Rectangular Tube 90 Degrees, 5.5" x 4" Rectangular Tube 45 Degrees, 4.25" x 4" Round Solid 90 Degrees, 2.375" Round Solid 45 Degrees, 2.125" Square Solid 90 Degrees, 2.500" Square Solid 45 Degrees, 2.125" Cutting Angles (left and right), 45 Degrees Voltage 230/460V-3P Blade Width, .118" Blade Length Size Diameter, 14" Blade Speeds, 26rpm and 52rpm Maximum Vise Opening, 6" 2-Speed Motor Horsepower, 3HP and 4HP 660lbs

Equipped With

Pre-settable hydraulic longitudinal table speed control allows operator to pre-set speed rate, allowing for same speed each time you engage the hydraulic feed. Dual throttle valve for 25mm to 25M speeds AC Motorized cross feed with ballscrew Rapid up/down head positioning motor Built-in proximity switch for easy operation Wheel extraction screw and nut Balancing stand with arbor Leveling screws with blocks Grinding wheel Wheel flange Auto lubrication system Table mounted diamond dresser with diamond Micro Down Feed Chuck Controller w/De-Mag Splash Guard

NEW Clausing Model FHC350D Manual Cold Saw

Michigan, United States
NEW Clausing Model FHC350D Manual Cold Saw
Circular Cold Saws